Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teen girls are more dangerous than navy seals

Twitter was hacked by sending JB message:"Beware millions of “p***ed off”" teenage girls". Bieber wrote: "So I woke up here in LA and Twitter has been hacked. Turns out I am no longer popular." then posting again “Hackers, I send a warning ... u have now p***ed off over 2 million teenage girls. They are more dangerous than Navy Seals.”. What a cool hacker is that, twitter legions were shot in a single writing. JB posted “only CHUCK NORRIS can save us now ... he is the only one still following all of us. Haha”. Ashton Kutcher's twitter also hacked, who had more than one million followers, wrote: “Twitter is being hacked by some Turkish hacker. Ha ha, I have 0 followers.". His wife, Demi Moore commented: “The Turkish hacker is really doing a number on Twitter. Wow!”. Ha ha ha ...

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